Nicaragua best-kept secret

Playa maderas

Nicaragua, which has recently been discovered thanks to the World Surfing Games was barely known for its waves. Costa Rica most well known and its closest neighbor had stolen him lots of protagonist throughout the years.

Along the pacific coast it is easy to find waves for all levels and this is one of the main reasons it is getting so much attention. In fact, it has already been classified as one of 10 best places to practice this sport.

TOP 5 beaches

Playa Maderas


Playa Ramanso


Playa Popoyo


Playa Colorado


Playa Las Peñitas

playa maderas




Practicing sport on summer


Summer and good weather have arrived at last, and when it’s warm practicing outdoor sports is very pleasant.

But with the raise of the temperatures, we have to think on some different aspects when it is time to practice our passions. Important details that puts security among other aspects, so we keep sports being a diversion, not an issue!

Time of the day

During the day, the hours between 12 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon is when it’s more hot, and should be avoided for realizing any kind of sport. 

Looking for the better training conditions

Sometimes we don’t have a choice, so we will have to reduce the intensity of the exercise to the minimum, in order to avoid a heatstroke, unfortunately a problem that happens too often on summer, and sometimes with a fatal outcome.

Two factors to keep in mind: solar protection and hydration

It is highly recommended to use solar protection when you practice outdoor sport, specially on hours of more solar activity, but it is a good advice to use it all day.

Hydration is a fundamental factor, not only on the summer, but during all year during exercising. But on summer, with the high temperatures, your body do sweat more, in order to control body temperature, increasing the evaporation of water. Our advice is to hydrate several times using small quantity of liquid during exercise.

But for a good hydration you should take care of it before and after sport. To get a good performance of your body, without negative effects, there are products on the market, or receipts you can prepare at home, isotonic drinks that help your body to recover mineral salts and other needed substances, that we loose during exercise.

Finally, to reduce effects on your performance, your equipment is very important. You should wear breathable clothing which do not absorb sweat, so you avoid colds. Use clothing with light colors, so you don’t absorb too many sun rays, and avoid overheating.

And above all, enjoy summer and sport!

What is Active Tourism?


Active Tourism is a new travelling philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a discovery tour.

Active Tourism is low-impact, ecological, socially compatible and high quality.

Active Tourism aims to combine recreation, education and bring benefits to both the tourist as well to the visited land.

Active Tourism has many aspects in common with ecotourism and nature tourism and it also integrates some activities of action and adventure tourism.

Additionally it also includes some aspects of cultural tours and academic and scientific expeditions.


Spain is the ideal place to practise active-tourism activities, complementing the interior wealth of the region, due to its rich mountain geography, natural spaces, rivers, valleys, scarped mountains, caves, gorges, extensive plains, in short: the diversity of its overwhelming landscape.

In Spain, the active tourist offer is completed with the accommodation available in the rural surroundings. Horse-riding, potholing, climbing, water-skiing, paragliding, ballooning and canoeing add to the innumerable list of sports of a land, equestrian, snow, water and air-type offered by the companies in Spain.

Activities all of which combine leisure and nature in an impressive landscape drawn by scarped mountains, serene valleys, mountain passes and forests with an incredible wealth of fauna and flora.

Today Spain’s active tourism companies allow the traveller to combine their stay in rural accommodation, set in places of unique beauty, with the practise of such activities aimed at persons of all ages.
Regardless of the traveller’s physical condition, they shall find in Spain all kinds of activity that no doubt fit their tastes and possibilities, thanks to the impressive list of activities forming the offer, combining: leisure, nature, heritage and emotion in a country which has an overwhelming list of possibilities and superbly attractive spots.